Requirements Engineering for Safety-Critical Systems


Requirements Engineering
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To understand and be able to practically manage requirements work in the development of safety critical systems.

Target Group

Members and stakeholders in the development of safety critical systems: military systems, airborne systems, air control, railway, medical instruments, nuclear industry

Training Program

  • Differences between the development of safety-critical systems and the development of other systems from both business and technical perspectives.
  • Requirements for the development, production, installation calibration, maintenance and operation of safety critical systems.
  • System safety and software safety.
  • Safety-critical, embedded and real-time systems.
  • How is requirements engineering for safety critical systems special; what development models are most applicable.
  • A review of some standards for safety critical systems from requirements perspective.
    • FDA
    • DO-178B
    • IEC 61508
    • MISRA
  • Special methods used for the quality assurance of safety critical systems.
    • FMEA
    • Requirements on statistical reliability.
    • The psychological and usability aspects of safety.
    • Error prevention, finding and removing defects, the reduction of failure effects in operation.
  • Requirements engineering for safety-critical systems.
    • Requirements traceability, from and to requirements.
    • The usage of formal requirements models.
    • Acceptance criteria and test criteria.
    • Breakdown of safety requirements.
    • Impact analysis of requirements Changes.
    • Process- and project requirements for safety-critical development.
    • Documentation, reviews, version and status management.
    • Requirements elicitation: historical data, checklists, the reports from crash enquiry.
  • Automatic error prevention and quality assurance on many levels.

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