Lab: Does your product withstand a cyber attack?

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5. November at Embedded Conference Scandinavia, Kistamässan

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Mikael Johnsson
+46 (0) 40 59 22 01

Embedded Conference ScandianviaNow you can get it tested in our lab at Embedded Conference Scandinavia!

Each device connected to a network is a potential target for a cyber attack. This also applies to devices that are not connected to public networks – a private network can be hacked and devices connected to it are compromised. Even if the attack does not access any data, it can cause your system to hang or otherwise stop working as you intended. However, with dedicated robustness tests, you can control your equipment throughout the development phase.

Achilles is a standard test suite for industrial products that simulates attacks via a TCP / IP network connection, and checks that your device does not hang or quit in the event of an attack.

Take your device with an Ethernet port to Nohaus Achilles lab on Embedded Conference Scandinaiva, and test if your device can handle an attack!

Practical details:

You will have to leave the device to us and pick it up later when the test is finished, and get the result. (We limit the test to 1 hour so many have the chance to test their device).

Sign up and we will book a time for you.

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