Workshop: Tool for automated System Testing


1 juni kl. 13:00-16:30. Kista
2 juni kl. 08:30-12:00. Göteborg

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Mikael Johnsson
Nohau Solutions AB
phone: 040-59 22 01

We will show you how to define your system test, and how to implement it using SeqZap to make complete end-to-end system test of embedded software.

In this workshop you will learn some of the basics of system testing, and see how the theory is applied in practice using SeqZap.

You will learn how SeqZap can get your organization started with automating your system test.

  • System Testing, from requirements to running test
  • Identifying the interfaces of the system under test
  • Testing the most important things first
  • Black box/white box testing
  • Hands-on workshop with an embedded target
  • Advanced end-to-end testing all the way from analog IO to the graphical interface of your product

”We have good experience of SeqZap, both from small businesses with 2-3 developers and also big companies like Grundfos. You can see test automation as an important part to improve the development of products”, explains Mikael Johnsson, CEO, Nohau Solutions AB

Please bring your own Windows laptop. We will provide you with the rest of the Equipment.

After the workshop you will have a SeqZap license valid for three months together with the Arduino board you used in the workshop. Arduino board

Limited seats: 12/per location

Expert speaker:

Rasmus Toftdahl OlesenRasmus Toftdahl Olesen is Product Manager for SeqZap at CIM Software Testing. He is an experienced developer and has been working with software testing for more than 10 years. Rasmus holds a masters degree in computer science from the University of Aalborg.

The seminar is free of charge, breakfast included.

When and where:

1 June, at. 13:00-16:30. Kista
Address: Kista Entré Konferens, Knarrarnäsgatan 7, 164 40 Kista

2 June, at. 08:30-12:00. Göteborg
Address: Centralhuset Konferens, Nils Ericsonplatsen 4, 411 03 Göteborg

6 June at. 08.30 – 12.00. Herlev
Address: Nohau Danmark A/S, Hørkær 26, 2730 Herlev

8 Juni at. 08.30 – 12.00. Hasselager
Address: CIM.AS, Jegstrupvej 96a, 8361 Hasselager

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