2018-11-06 at 14:20-17:00 / Embedded Conference Scandinavia

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Joakim Nilsson
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Introduction to automated system testing

Major topic covered

Test and Verification

Other topic

Test Automation

Workshop – Brief abstract

Embedded products become increasingly complex and needs to handle more and more interfaces. IoT, BigData, Industry 4.0, Cloud, Web – all these terms means that our embedded software is being connected to an ever-growing number of other systems.

How do we handle the challenges that all these new interface present to embedded products? How do we ensure that the feature we implement today, also works after we have added the next ten features?
The answer to these big questions are of course: testing!

Get a hands-on introduction to how organisations like Grundfos and SKOV are using SeqZap to, not only test their embedded product, but also to test the integration with the rest of their systems.
Just bring your own windows laptop and we will supply you with a SeqZap license valid for three months and an embedded target that you will use during the workshop.

Speaker: Jeppe Badstue

Jeppe Badstue, electronics engineer by education and full-stack software developer with focus on IoT. Jeppe is also contributing to the development of the SeqZap IoT test platform.

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