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Alexander Majzoub
+46 (0) 40 59 22 03

Using software to parse the world’s visual content is as big of a revolution in computing as mobile was 10 years ago. Computer Vision is the process of using machines to understand and analyze imagery. The capability of executing machine learning at the edge will allow new types of services to be imagined which rely on low latency, privacy and being disconnected from the cloud. In this webinar we will introduce an efficient software based neural network acceleration implementation for computer vision.

~37 min

  • Short introduction to computer vision with machine learning
  • Benefits of MDK-Keil for Cortex-M development
  • Demo of STM Discovery board running a machine learning computer vision model
  • Q&A


Kalevi Ratschunas’ career spans 20 years in the fields of smart phones, embedded and IoT. He has been part of great consumer products coming to life in the mobile and semiconductor industries. In his current role at Nohau, he works on machine learning projects and supports embedded SW development tools.

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