WEBINAR with Jacob Beningo: Verifying RTOS Applications using Deep Insight Analysis


27. September

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Joakim Nilsson
+46 (0) 40 59 22 08

SeggerIn this webinar, advanced techniques such as using OS-aware debugging and deep insight analysis will be demonstrated that can help developers dramatically decrease their time-to-market.

Attendees will learn how to leverage an integrated toolchain to rapidly create, debug and verify RTOS based applications.

We will briefly review fundamental topics such as how to set task priorities and synchronize tasks using mutexes, semaphores and message queues.

The webinar will provide hands-on demonstrations and source code using SEGGER embOS RTOS running on the SEGGER emPower evaluation board equipped with a NXP MK66FN ARM Cortex-M4 processor.

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