Experience the power of JTAG boundary scan testing

Experience the power of JTAG boundary scan testing


16th May at 12:00 (UTC+1) / Online

Limited seats available – 15 participants per session only.

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Marko Repo
Mobile: + 358 40 681 0141

Experience the power of JTAG boundary scan testing

Invitation to a free hands-on online workshop on – 16 May 2023

Testing printed circuit boards tends to be slow and expensive. Complex high-density layouts make new hardware designs prone to faults, requiring re-spins and introducing significant costs at the early phases of a project.

JTAG Boundary Scan makes PCB testing fast and simple. Nohau Solutions AB invites you to a practical online workshop organized together with the boundary scan pioneer XJTAG.

In this workshop, you’ll access real XJTAG equipment remotely on your PC, enabling you to learn and educate yourself on the best practices enabled by IEEE 1149.1 / boundary scan testing technology to improve your hardware design. You’ll learn ways to quickly discover and fix hidden faults on your PCB.

The whole session is carried out via a web-browser, under supervision of a professional XJTAG engineer.

After the session, you’ll have a solid understanding of how boundary scan testing works in theory and practice.

Expected duration: 2-3 h

Workshop content: 

  • Communicating with JTAG chain
  • Required tools for interacting with JTAG devices
  • Board testing using JTAG chain
  • Describing circuits to enable JTAG testing
  • Using JTAG connection testing to find hardware faults
  • Using boundary scan to test Non-JTAG elements

Watch a peak-preview of the webinar here:

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