Lauterbach for Cortex-M

Lauterbach for Cortex-M


Embedded Development & Debugging
Date: On request
Place: Onsite
Language: Dansk/English/Swedish
Price: 1.050 EUR, 11.995 SEK, 7.995 DKK

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Lena Bernhardsson – SE, NO
Phone: +46 (0)40 59 22 09

Heidi Lehtomäki – Finland
Mobile: + 358 40 196 0142

Klaus Ahrensbach – Denmark
Phone: +45 3116 1019

Lauterbach for Cortex-M

Lauterbach has several development tools designed for Cortex-M based microcontrollers. It ranges from a µTrace up to PowerDebug + PowerTrace. This training is intended from participants mainly working with Cortex-M devices, but large part of the training is generic and is also valid for other architectures.

During this training you will gain knowledge on how to get the most out of your debug and trace tools from Lauterbach, how to setup a debug and trace connection and navigate around in Lauterbachs GUI – TRACE32, to use its many features.


You will get hands on experience in debugging and tracing a Cortex-M target and you learn how to benefit of the extensive debug and trace features available like DWT, ITM and ETM. You’ll start with exercises on debugging your target and how to get going, then you will continue to more advanced trace exercises and how to utilize this to do performance and code coverage analysis.



This Lauterbach for Cortex-M training course is designed for users wanting deeper knowledge in how to debug and trace their Cortex-M target.


Previous Knowledge

You have basic programming knowledge in C and know how a microcontroller works.


Exercises and Tools

Large part of the training will be based on practical exercises. The participants will use a Lauterbach debug and trace system connected to a Cortex-M based development board.




· Command line

· On-line help

· HLL Debugging (source code, variable, call stack etc)

· Breakpoints (program and data)

· Advanced breakpoints

· RTOS support

· Program trace (ETM)

· Data trace (DWT)

· Interrupt trace (DWT)

· Instrumentation trace (ITM)

· Function runtime analysis 

· Task runtime analysis 

· Code coverage 

· Trace based debugging (CTS) 

· Offline analysis 

· Basic trace filtering 


· Introduction to Practice script language 

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