Quality Policy

– Nohau Solutions AB’s quality system shall support the development of the company and its employees. It shall promote high competence and personal responsibility and engagement.

The main target of our quality work is that every delivery is done according to agreed terms, and that our customer’s requirements, and expectations shall be fully met.

Our work shall always promote our customers to trust us as supplier. The quality work is a natural part of our work processes. It aims to do things right from the start, and to continuously work with improvements.

To be able to take responsibility for the quality of their work, all employees shall be given the opportunity of personal development.

This is obtained by:

  • An understanding of our customers business, needs, requirements and expectations
  • Adapting our services  to customers’ needs and requirements, and by correct deliveries on time
  • Honest and commited behaviour towards our customers and partners
  • Competent employees that are aware of the significance of their own contribution for the total quality
  • Employees that are supported by effective methods, tools and equipment, support systems and training
  • A management that creates the necessary conditions which are required to obtain the right quality, by:
    • Setting yearly quality goals
    • Following up the results and bringing feed-back to the employees
    • Gradually improving the business.

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