Lauterbach training

Lauterbach Trace Functions

Date: 09/10/2024
Place: Malmö
Language: English or Swedish
Price: 1.050 EUR, 11.995 SEK, 7.995 DKK

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Magnus Kindberg (SE, NO)
Phone: +46 (0)40 59 22 22

Heidi Lehtomäki – Finland
phone: +358 40 196 0142

Klaus Ahrensbach – Denmark
Phone: +45 3116 1019


Lauterbach TRACE32 is a development tool designed for complex applications and can with the Power Trace module present a detailed picture of the behavior of your application. 

During these training courses you get to deepen your knowledge and learn how to use the TRACE32 with Trace in an efficient way. 


You will get a deeper knowledge how to configure and use trace. You will do exercises on different trace features like visualize program flow, performance measurements and code coverage. 



You have either experience from working with Lauterbach TRACE32, knowing commands like “do”, “data.list” and “sys.up”, or you have participated in our training course Lauterbach Debugging. 

You also have basic programming knowledge in C and embedded systems. 



We use Power Trace unit with an ARM based target(Zynq Ultrascale) for all exercises.  



  • ARM Trace Features
  • Trace Configuration
  • On-Chip and Off-Chip Trace
  • Basic Trace View
  • Trace Chart
  • Timestamps
  • Trace Based Debugging (CTS)
  • Offline analysis
  • Function Runtime Analysis
  • RTOS Tracing
  • Code Coverage
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Multicore Trace (AMP and SMP)
  • Trace Filters 

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