Lauterbach TRACE32 for Tricore Aurix – An Introduction

Lauterbach TRACE32 for Tricore Aurix – An Introduction

Lauterbach TRACE32 for Tricore Aurix – An Introduction


Embedded Development & Debugging
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Lena Bernhardsson – Sweden, Norway
+46 (0) 40 59 22 09

Heidi Lehtomäki – Finland
phone: +358 40 196 0142

Klaus Ahrensbach – Denmark
Phone: +45 3116 1019

Lauterbach TRACE32 is a development tool designed for debugging and trace of complex applications. Tricore Aurix offer advanced debugging features in their emulation devices with MCDS. 

In this half-day training course, you get an introduction of how to benefit from all features available when debugging a Tricore Aurix MCDS device with TRACE32. 


You will get an understanding of the possibilities that devices with MCDS offer and how to use these features in TRACE32.  


This Lauterbach training course is designed to suit users of Lauterbach TRACE32 on Tricore Aurix based systems.  


You have basic knowledge about using TRACE32 for debugging, either by actively using TRACE32 or attending our training course Lauterbach Debugging. 

You also have basic programming knowledge in C and know how a microcontroller works. 


The training will be a combination of PowerPoint and live demos. Areas that will be covered are: 

  • TC3xx MCDS trace possibilities 
  • MCDS trace configuration, limitation and possibilities 
  • On chip vs off chip (AGBT) vs DAP streaming 
  • Runtime analysis, timing and program flow 
  • Trace filtering using MCDS 
  • RTOS aware tracing 
  • Runnables timing 
  • Multicore  
  • Export to external timing tools 
  • Trace based code coverage 
  • Offline analysis 
  • Scripting and automation 

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