Ny version 5.1 av det statiska kodanalysverktyget, Codesonar från Grammatech

We are pleased to announce general availability of CodeSonar 5.1. This release is available for analysis of both source code and binary code. As you have an active maintenance contract, you are entitled to receive this new version free of charge.

This release has several new features as well as several bug fixes and minor improvements. The highlights are listed below; for more complete details, see the release notes in the manual.


CodeSonar now integrates with the static analysis tool named Julia from JuliaSoft Srl for the analysis of Java and C#. Please contact us sales@nohau.se if you wish to evaluate.


SARIF is a new standard for representing the results of static analysis tools. The standard has not been finalized yet, so CodeSonar supports importing and exporting the 11/28 version. This is compatible with the version of SARIF exported by the Clang Static Analyzer.

Pylint Integration

CodeSonar now integrates with Pylint through SARIF. Warnings generated by Pylint can be imported into the CodeSonar user interface and managed just like other warnings.

HTML 5 Visualization

There is a new interface for browsing call trees, invokable from the info window. This functionality will be extended in future releases to replace the old Java-based visualization applet.

Enhanced Return Code Checking

The return code checker now covers many more functions than previously, covering libraries such as Qt, the GNU C Library, OpenSSL, the GLib GNOME Library, libPNG, and several others.

C++-17 Support

CodeSonar now has better compatibility with C++-17, as is used by newer versions of compilers such as Clang and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Analysis of Raw Binaries

CodeSonar is already capable of analyzing standard binary file formats such as ELF. This improvement allows it to analyze raw binaries too. Several new parameters are provided to allow specification of the ISA and the location of the instructions within the file.

Decompiler for Intel 64-bit

The decompiler in CodeSonar for binaries can now show code decompiled from the Intel-64 instruction set architecture.

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